Submission Dates & Guidelines

Submission Dates & Guidelines

Advertising Information Sheet: Please click here for more information: 

All submissions: Please email us at:, or submit your files using this link, with any content you would like to submit for publication. Please check the submission deadline and publication schedule below to ensure your content can be included.

Text submissions: Advertorials should be approximately 700 words to fit in the allotted space. Please spell-check and proof-read for clarity. The editor reserves the right to edit for size, spelling and clarity.

Graphic submissions: All common formats are accepted. For best results we recommend original high-contrast images in PDF or JPG formats, at 200 dpi. Email will not commonly accept files greater than 9.5mb. For larger files, please submit your files using this link:

Deadline & Delivery Calendar: The graphic below is for online viewing. Click this link for a printable PDF of the 2021-2022 Calendar.

2021-2022 Deadline and Delivery Calendar